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About Brad Ham

Brad Ham has enjoyed several careers throughout his "fifty plus" years. His first career as a professional ski racer was sidelined due to injury. He then began theological training at Princeton University and Seminary, followed by a postgraduate fellowship at Exeter University, England. Brad became an ordained Presbyterian minister. After serving in several churches, he spent a number of years in the Arctic living with and assisting the St. Lawrence Island Yupik Eskimos.

Upon his return to the "lower 48" Brad sought his doctorate in clinical psychology and thrived in a 14-year private practice in Aspen, CO. Brad married in Denver in 2000 where he now lives with his wife and two children, Beckett and Tate.

When asked why he named his studio “St. Hubert,” Ham replies “St. Hubertus is the patron saint of ethical hunters. I hope that all of our hunting, whether for big game, birds, or hunting for some painful inner truth, be passion-filled and ethical in nature.”

"Working with antlers and wildlife art is one way that I can pay homage to these sentient beings I have chased, literally, around the world. Several years ago my father suggested that if one does not create with his hands, the mind atrophies and the imagination grows stale. That's when I started carving in wood the faces of particular deer and elk as I remembered them. Things took off from there. One of my psychology mentors, Joseph Campbell, taught me that art is just the modern word for ritual. For me, the ritual of sculpting is a quick path to the sublime."

"Sporting Classics Magazine" - May 2005