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Why you should use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as a Core Investment Tool

Sharply lower expenses and more tax efficient ETF’s or iShares are proving to be the most flexible, cost effective, and simple investment tool available today.

Why a Global Perspective is essential

The growth of global opportunities coupled with the decline of the US dollar make building a portfolio that is globally diversified essential to reducing the overall risk of investing.

Why you need

Deep global investment experience that is unbiased, independent and focused on building global portfolios.

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ETF Blog

by Carl Delfeld

Carl Delfeld
Investment Advisor

  • ETF Specialist with Union Bank of Switzerland
  • U.S. Representative,
    Asian Development Bank
  • Forbes Asia Columnist
  • Stockbroker in Tokyo, Hong Kong & Sydney
  • U.S. Treasury consultant
  • Graduate of Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
  • Fellow at Keio and Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

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